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  • 2K Primer Aerosol Can

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    2K Primer Aerosol Can


    2K Primer Aerosol Can:

    NEW!!! Specialist Paints brings you 2K Primer Filler in an aerosol can. The 2K aerosol is a brand new design unlike any other 2K aerosol on the market. 2K Primer Filler can be universally applied on all steel, zinc-plated sheet steel and aluminium with excellent adhesion and rust prevention. Very fast air drying: 45 min (20*C). Easy to sand, wet and dry. Resistant against solvent. Free of isocyanate.


    Spray can: 400ml


    Kustom Canz

    2K Primer Filler CANZ Performance:

    • 2-component technology (in-can activator system)
    • Smooth flow
    • Very rapid drying, after 45 min. 70*F (20*C) or 30 min. 140-160*F (60*C)
    • Good adhesion to bare sheet steel, zinc-coated steel and aluminium
    • Pot life: 8 hours at least
    • Infra-red drying 15 min.
    • Particularly suitable for Vehicle Spot Repair


    2K Primer Aerosol Can information PDF



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