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  • Intercoat Clear Canz

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    Intercoat Clear Aerosol Canz

    Inspire Intercoat Clear can be used as a protective intermediate clearcoat for tape outs and protecting art work.

    Inspire Intercoat Clear can be used as a protective inter-coat. Inspire Intercoat Clear has excellent film build and adhesion, beautiful flow characteristics and superb levelling. It has minimum sag and good vertical stability which is so important when working with specialist additives and has been specially formulated as a carrier of Pearl powders and our Metal Flake range.


    Spray can: 400ml


    Cured time:

    • Apply 2 to 3 coats with 5-10 minutes flash-off time between coats.
    • Dust dry: 10-15min @ 20°c
    • Set to touch: 4 hours @ 20°c
    • Fully cured: 24 hours @ 20°c


    Intercoat Clear information PDF



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