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  • ASBS Magazine 02/15

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    Airbrush Step by Step magazine
    ASBS 02/15



    Airbrush Step By Step 02/2015

    Airbrush Step by Step is the magazine for all airbrush-artists from beginners to professionals. ASBS covers a wide variety of applications such as illustration, model making, autographics, body painting etc. Each issue features step-by-step tutorials as well as artist interviews, airbrush news, technical advice, events and more.


    Morgan Freeman – Illustration on Canvas

    The portrait of Morgan Freeman, painted by John Florez, combines various styles and materials.


    Achilles – Automotive Painting

    Bernhard Laschober designs a Trojan style Harley with copper foil and a portrait of Achilles.


    Paul Newman – Illustration on Aluminum

    Steve Driscoll shows how to paint a color portrait from a black and white photo.


    Moon Wolf – Illustration on Wood

    This artwork is a prototype of Jürek’s amazing airbrush and paint brush mixed technique.


    Skulls & Flags – Automotive Painting

    White skulls and flags on a black truck – that’s classic automotive painting by Steve Gibson’s.


    Metal Finish

    Roger Hassler shows how to create a fake metal look with an airbrush and a paintbrush.


    Fitto – No Fear of Fitto

    Canadian Martin Bouchard goes about his designs with a good bit of sensitivity, fantasy, and professionalism.


    Lars Oschatz – The Laurus Style: Airbrush & Spray Can

    Lars Oschatz set the trend of mixing airbrush and spray can techniques and breaks all records when it comes to wall and facade design.

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