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  • Mr. Brush: Urethane Pinstriping Paint 125ml

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    Mr. Brush Pinstriping Paint


    Mr. Brush: Urethane Pinstriping Paint 125ml


    Mr. Brush Striping Enamel is designed for striping, lettering and airbrush artwork. It features high pigmentation, low solids for a minimal edge and long open time.Apply over existing finishes or topcoat with clears for a smooth, durable finish. Mr Brush may be top coated with acrylic lacquer, urethane enamel, acrylic enamel and alkyd enamel.


    Available in 24 colors:


    • 017 Black
    • 010 Purple
    • 012 Orange
    • 013 Blue
    • 015 Yellow

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:



    Mixing and applying: 

    • Stir the colour to be used. Deposit 1 or 2 loads of paint onto a pallet. All colours are inter-mixable and use Reducer No. 102 to maintain proper consistency - simply add a small amount to a shot glass. dip your brush into the reducer and add to the mixture on your pallet. 


    • Do a final wipe down with fast wax cleaner or water only, as wash solvents will remove the artwork.


    • Mistakes over catalysed Urethane are easily removed with a rag dampened with acetone.



    • Mr Brush Catalyst No.101, if added to the enamel, will increase gloss and chemical resistance, so clear coats are unneccessary. See Catalyst page for details.





    • Base coats will be removed with reducers unless they have been cleared with a topcoat

    For details on clear coating see Reducer No. 102 page.


    General information: Mr.Brush Pinstriping Paints



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