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    Sable Chisel Writer Brushes

    Pure Sable Chisel Signwriting Brushes In Quill

    GOLDEN Flat Brushes


    € 7,50

    Liquid Masking

    A new alternative for masking a vehicle. Quick and easy to work with. Simply apply with any type of spraygun. Gives instant savings in time and material. Instead of covering a car with conventional plastic s...

    € 6,20

    203 - Indian yellow

      Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be    

    € 42,50

    MACK | Monster Stix

    7 paint brushes to bring all your twisted ideas to life... Yes, even those.  These are synthetic brushes that are perfect for all types of paint... acrylics, enamels, oils, chocolate pudding, etc......

    € 8,00

    W011 Golden Yellow

    Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be    

    € 7,00

    BC10 Pavo Purple

      House of Kolor SHIMRIN® GLAMOUR METALLICS (BC) HOK Shimrin® Glamour Metallic color bases are captivatingly rich. So versatile that they can be used as basecoats beneath a Kandy applicati...

    € 21,50

    955P Reflex Blue

      1 Shot Pearlescent Enamels 237 ml 955P Reflex Blue     Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be     ...

    € 9,95

    High Temp Reducer 6002

    1 Shot 6002 Formulated to improve flow and leveling at high temperatures by reducing viscosity and retarding the evaporation process without significantly reducing the quality of the coating. 1 Shot 6002 Hig...

    € 8,50 € 4,50

    TRIDENT | Tru Black

    TRIDENT | Water Based Airbrush Paint | T01 Tru Black 50ml     What is TRIDENT?   TRIDENT is a revolutionary new water based airbrush paint that provides pre...

    € 10,95

    Brush Box Insert

    € 5,00

    Yellow Rice Tape 12mm

    € 51,35

    Sable Mix One Stroke Long Hair Signwriting Brush 1" (25mm)

    € 9,75

    Snow White

    € 11,95

    5068 Opaque White

    € 6,50

    Raw Sienna

    € 6,50

    Transparent Brown Iron Oxide