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    € 11,00

    154L Peacock Blue

      1 Shot Lettering Enamels 118 ml 154L Peacock Blue     Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be     ...

    € 7,95 € 5,50

    Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #44

    Issue #44 June/July 2014-04-17    Summer is almost here, so we have a sizzling issue for you. Plenty to inspire and delight here. Airbrush Jason Blewins Mark Lewis Denis Pointon Dave Walke...

    € 7,40

    Permanent Green Light

    € 9,60

    Pure Sable Chisel Edge Signwriting Brush in Quill 3

      A.S. Handover Pure Sable Chisel Edge Signwriting Brush in Quill Size: Duck # 3   A traditional signwriter’s brush made from 100% kolinsky sable, bound to form a sharp chise...

    € 6,10

    Grass Green

    € 8,80

    Diarylide Yellow

    € 7,00

    Orange Fine Line Masking Tape 6mm

    € 12,50

    Quick coupling (nd 2.7mm) with air control valve

      Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be  

    € 14,95

    Psycho Turquoise

    € 17,50

    Longliner Brush # 3/0

    € 203,00

    EVOLUTION Silverline fPc Two in One

    € 25,00

    161L Proper Purple

      1 Shot Lettering Enamels 237 ml 161L Proper Purple     Questions? Give us a call: +32 (0) 468 32 25 87 Or e-mail: info@toswos.be     ...

    € 12,50

    2179 Lettering Quill 12

      Mack Series: 2179 Lettering Quill size: 12 The specific density of water borne or water based paint is much heavier than lacquers & enamels. It is therefore necessary to use a brush with ...

    € 7,95

    Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics magazine 67

      Pinstriping & Kustom graphics magazine April/May 2018 #67 Explore the world of Kustom Art & Lifestyle with Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine. A bi-monthly extravaganza of all th...

    € 27,50

    Metal leaf rolls

      Roll with imitation gold leaf or silver aluminum, on transfer paper.   Size: 1.5cm x 50m ...